Palacios traveled to three European countries and participated in activities where he offered these expressions.

the deputy Margot Palaciosfrom the bench Free Peru (PL), will face a parliamentary process within the Ethics Commission.

The working group, chaired by the legislator Karol Paredes (Popular Action), received a complaint lodged by the parliamentarian Patricia Chirinos (Avanza País), this Thursday 16, due to statements by Palacios at an event abroad.

A few days ago the member went to Swiss participate in the “Latin American meeting against the genocide and the dictatorship of To Boluarte”. In said activity, he assured that the President of the Republic “he is the one who gives the orders and the press (…) says that anyone who mobilizes is a terrorist”.

In an official letter addressed to the senior officer of the CongressJosé Cevasco, Palacios pointed out that the associations of Peruvians in France there The Netherlands They also invited her for various activities, according to Panamericana.


“We are witnessing arbitrary detentions, violations of the right to due process. They persecuted imprisoned social leaders, we already have several who are in preventive detention and we know that the right represses in this way, silences social leaders so that there is no leadership of a people who is mobilizing peacefully,” he said.

Subsequently, during his intervention in the said forum, he also assured that “there are no acts of violence or degradation of private property” during the demonstrations, but that “the one who initiates the violence, it is the state through the police and the army”. “

“In Peru, we are no longer in a democracy, it’s a military dictatorship where all areas are militarized,” he said.

Faced with this, Chirinos Venegas sent official letter no. 823-2022-2023-PRCV/CR to request that his Perulibrist colleague be investigated.

“The lies of Margot Palacios on the reality that the country lives, statements that only seek to tarnish the image of Peru, cannot be ignored. This is why I denounced him before the Ethics Commission for violating the principles of truthfulness and objectivity that a member of Congress must abide by,” he said.

The document specifies that the complaint is formulated “for a clear, manifest and obvious violation of subparagraphs b and c of article 23 of the Rules of the Congresswith articles 2 and 4, letter a of the Parliamentary Code of Ethics, article 3 letters d, gyk, and article 5 letter g of the Standing Orders Parliamentary Code of Ethics”.


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