Luis Judge with Rodrigo de Loredo

After several weeks of speculation and negotiation, Together for Change also resolved his internship in Cordoba and finally the senator Louis Judge will be the candidate for governor of this province, after Rodrigue de Loredo announced that he was stepping down from the fight on this charge.

After appearing with his opponent in the town of La Falda, where they celebrated the triumph of the local ruling party in the mayoral elections, the deputy of the Evolución bloc uploaded a video on social networks in which he was explaining his decision.

“We must understand that this demand for change from the majority of society is above any personal aspiration one may have. That’s why, having come this far, I think it’s convenient resign from my candidacy for governor and that Luis is the one leading the proposal for our space,” De Loredo clarified.

In this way, it will be the Judge who will compete with the formula of non-Kirchnerist Peronism who will lead Martin Llaryorawho has the support of the current provincial president, Juan Schiaretti.

The agreement came shortly after the government of Cordoba officially set the date for the elections on June 25, thus separating them from the presidential elections, which will be held on August 13 (PASO) and October 22 (general).

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