Last Friday night, as thousands of people enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day holiday in downtown West Palm Beach, two suspected Miami robbers never imagined the police would catch them red-handed.

Three Miami men stole from the wallets of 5 women who were at the Roxys Pub, their credit cards and cell phones. The women noticed this and immediately notified the authorities.

“They were able to locate the suspects and found them using the stolen credit cards at this exact time at two other locations,” police said.

Two of the three suspects were arrested, their names are José Luis González Rodríguez, from Hialeah and Orlando Milán, from Miami. The third suspect has charges pending.

Officers’ body cameras show the moment one of the suspects drops a credit card on the ground, they also show the moment another suspect is handcuffed.

Gonzalez Rodríguez faces charges of theft and fraudulent use of credit cards, while Milán faces charges of possession of stolen credit cards.

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