Luis Gilberto Murillo guarded the Nation, the Ministry of Defense, Interpol and the Police

Luis Gilberto Murillo guarded the Nation, the Ministry of Defense, Interpol and the Police

According to Caracol Radio, Luis Gilberto Murillo Urrutia, former Minister of the Environment and Vice Presidential Formula of Sergio Fajardo, is in the Bogota courts against the Ministry of Defense, the National Police and DIJIN to have his court records removed.

Murillo is pushing for a six-month prison sentence to no longer be recorded when he was CEO of Choco’s Regional Autonomous Sustainability Corporation, Codechoco.

Litigation history determined decision, rendered by the Dual Criminal Division of the Quibdo High Court of 29 August 1997 for the crime of theft other official assignment, which was configured by allocating five million pesos to reparations at the Pascual educational institution from Andagoya to Chocó.

Murillo’s Defense Arguments within the framework of the guardianship being examined by the Administrative Court of the 38th District of Bogota, reinforced by Article 15 of the Constitution, which refers to the right of individuals to habeas data protection and the possibility that they must ask the authorities to update and/or correct information collected “in databanks and archives of public and private organizations”.

“The permanence of these data in the criminal record database cannot be timeless,” claims the former minister in his ward, and asks Interpol, the Department of Defense and the National Police for a “relative suspension” of data related to decision 20 of August 29, 1997, which he records to the criminal record database and send a new letter to the Colombian Renaissance Party that does not include negative data related to this judgment.

According to Radio Caracol, Murillo’s spokesman reiterated that the Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court, in its judgment of 3 August 2005, acquitted the former minister of the crime of evasion allegedly committed by him during his tenure as governor of Choco on 1 January 1998 year and January 23, 1999.

In an interview with Semane Murillo, he said that “there was already a decision of the judge who accurately removed these violations, including the one they mentioned there, out of time, with very specific arguments. This is a process that consists of several stages, but it must be clear that this is a problem that has been solved, that the disability has been eliminated, including the timeless one, because this is a crime that has never been committed, on the one hand, and on the other “Because they have changed, there has been a whole favorable approach.”

From my side, Sergio Fajardo in a statement signed by five pre-candidates from Coalition Centro Esperanza And political director of Fajardo’s campaign, Juan Fernando Cristo, denied the allegations and expressed support for Murillo.

In the document, they emphasize that official information dispels any doubts about the impossibility “Luis Gilberto Murillo does not have a disability. Official information on this issue clearly indicates that he has the right to apply for any popularly elected position.

In addition, they add that the case was a political attack against the VP formula by its opponents. “The case in question arose several years ago due to the discomfort that Luis Gilberto Murillo had in mind for the political clans of the department of Choco,” the Esperanza Center Coalition said in a statement.

Thus, the Centro Esperanza Coalition declared that it supported “with all the enthusiasm and conviction of Luis Gilberto Murillo as a candidate for Vice President.

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