Bogota will invest  billion in a double lane north of the city

Bogota Will Invest $4 Billion in a Double Lane North of the City

Bogota Mayor Claudia López “The most important road infrastructure work in the city in the last 60 years, with an investment of 4 billion pesos” announced the start. The main goal of this work is to double the number of North Rim lanes in the Bogota region.

The plan for the region envisions the creation and maintenance of 22 lanes for Bogota’s highway infrastructure during the installation of the project, said the President of Bogota, saying, “All these roads will double the number of lanes on the north rim of the Bogota region and will cost 4 billion pesos. With an investment from the North Rim with the next national government in terms of local infrastructure, we hope to finish the River Highway and the Northern Regiotram.” said the mayor.

What is included in the North Road Plan?

1. The North Highway will be completed from 193rd Street to the border with Chiawa. It will be a 6.1km mixed traffic lane.Four new lanes and six existing There is another lane. Total investment: $1,031,087,704,706

2. Avenida Carrera Seventh – Corridor Verde Seventh is completed from 24th Street to 245th Street It will be 5.46 km.

3. Boyaka Avenue from 170th Street to 183rd Street is 1.27km long; 183rd Street to 242nd Street will be 7.67km. Total Investment: $72,334,000,000 (17th Street to 183rd Street) Total Investment: $175,049,147,149 (183rd Street to 242th Street)

4. Borde Norte Avenue from Cotta Avenue to the district boundary will be 5.73 km.Estimated Investment: $383,933,165,739

5. Highway del Rio from the Earth’s borders to the Andes It is 3.53 km long and includes six new lanes.Estimated Investment: $179,422,000,000

6. Andean Highway, 4 lanes 3.53km from River Highway to North Highway.Estimated Investment: $236,524,271,389 7.Regiotram del Norte is a 47.5km project linking Bogota with the municipalities of Savannah Norte. It will be developed between the government of Kundinamarca and the district. Estimated investment: $16.4 billion.

Finally, the North Highway Connection is 7.6 km long, extending the road to 4 lanes per direction. The same is true for the extension of Carrera Seventh (Chia) from the district boundary to La Caro, and at 4.12 km two new lanes will be added to both lanes. These are already existing lanes.

Bogota has announced a new platform on Line 123 that will allow for faster response.

The President’s announcement was made during a tour about the ninth race in the work of Avenida Laureano Gómez, which made a progress of 21%. According to the market, the work will create 1,726 jobs and cover more than 25,000 square meters. A public space is created and a cycle of 1.8 km is created.

Diego Sánchez, Director of IDU, explains the time taken to work on the North Highway: “Its purpose, in addition to reducing road safety risks, is to restore mobility and public space. Like everything in life, you want brown. Man tolerates idiots.

It will be five years of work, adaptation and shared mobility for city dwellers. There will be a total of 151 km of new roads, which means 4 billion pesos..This is the Bogota we are building. Bogota that does not stay in sabotage or debate”.

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