Line 2 of the Lima metro does not yet have a delivery date and is generating millions of losses. (Andean)

Traffic in the streets of the metropolis of Lima is the daily bread of all those who move, especially during rush hour. Vehicle congestion occurs in all neighborhoods and almost at all times of the day, so it is urgent to have a good The public transport system to mitigate and decrease the hours a person spends in a vehicle.

The project of the Line 2 of the Lima metro, which aims to unite the neighborhoods of Ate, Santa Anita, El Agustino, San Luis, La Victoria, Cercado de Lima, Breña, Bellavista, Carmen de la Legua and Callao in less than 45 minutes is an alternative to improve the transport service public in the capital, however, so far the work has not been completed there is also no date for the start of operations.

In a report of Fourth powerIt was detailed how the works, whose contract was signed in 2014 and should have been delivered in 2019, show less than 50% progress in nine years. In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Alberto Ñecco indicated that the advances are made as the engineering studies are approved and the properties are released, who is in charge of the Lima and Callao Urban Transport Authority (ATU).

Works on metro line 2 have caused diversions in Cercado de Lima and Breña.
Works on metro line 2 have caused diversions in Cercado de Lima and Breña.

In response, the ATU Deputy Director of Land Acquisition and Interference Clearance, Rosario Rojas indicated that the contract was identified as being poorly designed and containing unrealistic delivery and release deadlines.

Michelle and Delia These are two tunnel boring machines, brought from Germany, with which it was hoped to accelerate the progress of the construction of the tunnel. These machines can dig between 13 and 14 meters per day and at the same time place the concrete structure that supports the tunnel.

Tunnel boring machine to dig the tunnels of line 2 of the Lima metro.
Tunnel boring machine to dig the tunnels of line 2 of the Lima metro.

However, the Delia TBM has been at a standstill since August 2022 due to a series of delays. Ositrán indicated that of the 82 areas of the Metro Line 2 project, 18 are on hold, of which 13 are late in their delivery date. There MORE He said that of the 64 properties handed over to construction, 12 have not yet started work.

The Deputy Transport Minister said they were updating the schedule for major works to reduce traffic in Lima, and avoided giving an estimated delivery date. Due to the delays in the work, the State and the concessionaire are currently in full three international arbitrations this can represent a large sum of money in penalties. The report of the Sunday program indicates that, in addition to the possible penalties, this work will cost 5 billion 500 million dollars.

There Lima Metro Line 2 It will have 27 stations: Puerto del Callao, Buenos Aires, Juan Pablo II, Insurgentes, Carmen de la Legua, Oscar Benavides, San Marcos, Elio, La Alborada, Tingo María, Murillo Park, Plaza Bolognesi, Central Station, Manco Cápac, Cangallo , July 28, Nicolás Ayllón, Circunvalación, San Juan de Dios, Avoidance, Oval of Santa Anita, Industrial collector, Hermilio Valdizán, Market of Santa Anita, Vista Alegre, Extension Javier Prado, Municipality of Ate. In January of this year, it was reported that only five of the seasonsincluded in step 1A, are complete.

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