Ihe fastest growing league among EMEA VALORANT regionals returns this Monday. The competition does not stop, and despite the fourth day, the equality is maximum. The teams that finished below now fight with those of the Playoffs, and of course UCAM, who remain undefeated. deserves a special mention.

Today we still have five games of the highest level, which start the third week. We are in the fifth day, about to reach the third of the season. Among the highlights is the one at 5:00 p.m., in which AYM faces another of the teams below, Rebels, to try to open their victory box.

Matches and schedules of the 5th day of the Uprising

Although there is also an interesting fight in the upper middle part of the table. Movistar Riders, who at 3-1 try to hunt down UCAM, face an improved Ramboot, who sit at 2-2. in the classification, he would therefore catch up with the riders in the event of a victory. These are today’s game times.

  • 17:00 AYM-Rebels Gaming
  • 6:00 p.m. Movistar Riders – Ramboot
  • 19:00 Queso-ZETA Gaming Team
  • 20:00 Tokiers-Faucons UCAM
  • 21:00 KPI Gaming – CASE Esports

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