A few weeks ago, the mayor of Cádiz, José María González, confirmed that the vote to rename the Ramón de Carranza stadium would have to be repeated with another method that does not violate the data protection law. Today, Martín Vila, Councilor for Democratic Memory, has expanded the information on this new survey and He explained that the stadium cannot keep the Carranza name because “it is as if in Germany they wanted to call a stadium Hitler without Adolf.”

Regarding the vote, Martín Vila affirms that it will be resumed in its last phase and those from Cádiz registered in the city and of legal age will have to choose again between the eight proposals that were already on the table, which we remember were the following: ‘Gadir’, ‘Nuevo Mirandilla’, ‘La Tacita de Plata’, ‘Bahía de Cádiz’, ‘Ciudad de Cádiz’, ‘Gades’, ‘De La Laguna’ and ‘La Pepa’. This is what Vila has announced: “What we will do is take the process back to the last phase, that is, to the voting, with a data protection tool that is unbeatable, both in small and large print. , so that it cannot be appealed “.

The Government Team already announced months ago that they had suffered sabotage from the “right” when detecting votes that came from, according to the City Council, of bots of the right and, also, complaints that alleged that the process was not respecting the data protection law. On this, Vila affirms that, “by this same system, we had chosen the carnival poster for several years, but no one realized that data protection was not being complied with, but here the right wing has sought the formula of knocking down This process”.

We remember that the Cádiz City Council decided to carry out this change of name of the municipal stadium because ‘Ramón de Carranza’ violates the law of historical memory. From the Consistory they affirm that the former mayor of the city that gives its name to the site “participated in the 1936 coup and, after that, he acceded to the Mayor’s Office of the city, participating in the repression people from Cádiz with sympathy for the Popular Front or affiliated with organizations related to the legitimate government of the Second Republic ”.

The councilor for Democratic Memory once again rules out that the stadium continues to carry the surname of ‘Carranza’. “Despite the rancid right, Carranza violates the law of historical memory and is an insult to human intelligence that Carranza complies with the law because it is as if in Germany they wanted to call a stadium Hitler without Adolf. “Finally, Martín Vila has not given a specific date to carry out this new poll, but he does affirm that he will be called as soon as possible. possible and the system is ready.

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