Chile: an uncontrolled forest fire threatens homes in the Valparaíso region

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Images of the forest fire from the areas threatened by the advance of the flames

A major forest fire spread in the last hours in the central coastal area of ​​Chile. The fire threatens houses that are close to the flames. The authorities decreed a red alert and immediate evacuation of at least two populations in an area especially composed of forests and vegetation. In the surrounding areas, the air is unbreathable and A complex situation is expected due to the climate that favors the spread of flames and ashfall.

Until last night it was an emergency call that summoned personnel from the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) and Firefighters to the Lago Peñuelas sector, a forest reserve located in the Valparaíso region in Chile.

However, as the hours pass, the fire continued to advance until it got out of control during the last hours. Thus, it became a declared forest fire that already has committed all the resources of the region for its combat and It is already necessary, therefore, to request reinforcements from the Metropolitan region of Santiago.

At noon this Friday, The temperature in the area reached 30 degrees, the humidity and the strong wind were conducive for the flames to take new directions and raised four lights simultaneously. So far, 120 hectares have been reported consumed, with the sad fact that this figure continues to grow due to the weather conditions expected for the next few hours.

Various publications on social networks reveal the daunting image caused by the flames and ashes from fires.

The fire has caused a rain of ash in different sectors of Quilpué and Viña del Mar

A few hours ago an emergency committee headed by the mayor, Jorge Martínez, was held in offices of the regional capital, who gave details of the operation with which the incident is being fought. “He The fire is heading north and the four outbreaks are very active, we have 12 helicopters and 8 planes to prevent spread to houses. We are concerned about environmental conditions, it is highly dangerous and it is advancing rapidly, ”he declared.

Users of social networks have registered the daunting image caused by the fire that has already consumed more than 120 hectares

Until this minute, the arrival of another 10 air means from central and southern Chile is expected. As it is an area composed of forests, the evacuation of two populations has already been ordered and it is not ruled out that new similar measures will be ordered depending on the advance of the flames.

For its part, CONAF director Sandro Bruzzone stressed that conditions are “extremely dangerous”. “There are houses nearby, that’s where you fight more with heavy machinery and creating firebreaks.”

Authorities of the Government of Chile reported that the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, will go to the area to coordinate, with regional authorities, the emergency protocol for fighting the fire.


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