Vocal lawmaker Lee Jae-myung was elected as the leader of South Korea’s main opposition party on Sunday, months after being defeated in presidential elections by conservative Yoon Suk Yeol.

Lee’s victory as president of the Democratic Party puts an end to months of struggles within the organization that has a majority in Parliament.

He also resurrects his rivalry with Yoon, a relatively rookie politician whose popularity has plummeted since he took office in May amid an economic crisis, political stumbles and bumpy cabinet appointments.

Lee, who got 78% of the party’s votes, was proclaimed leader of the group at a gymnasium stadium in the capital, Seoul.

In his acceptance speech, he criticized the Yoon administration, accusing it of failing to resolve the country’s economic inequalities, but at the same time declared himself willing to cooperate with Yoon and the Conservative Party if they “take the right path for the people and the country.” ”.

He emphasized, however, that his main mission is to guide Democrats back to power.

“Today’s convention is the start of our victorious march, including parliamentary elections in two years, mayoral and gubernatorial elections in four years, and presidential elections in five years,” Lee said as the crowd cheered and chanted. his name.

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