More than 560 migrants have been waiting, some for days, in the Mediterranean Sea for a European Union (EU) country to authorize a port for them and they are on board the “Geo Barents” boats, belonging to the NGO Doctors Without Borders ( MSF), and “Ocean Viking”, by SOS Méditerranée.

A total of 466 are on board the “Ocean Viking”, which has carried out several rescue operations in recent days and among which there are several women and babies, including a three-week-old.

“At dusk, the Ocean Viking spotted a small wooden boat in distress in the Malta Search and Rescue (SAR) area. The 17 migrants were emotionally and physically exhausted after 2 days at sea 466 survivors are now on board,” said SOS Méditerranée on social media today.

For its part, MSF said that its ship “Geo Barents” has carried out its third rescue, also last night.

“The wooden ship in danger with 61 people was seen from one of our decks. Among them, 21 minors and very young children. Now everyone is safe and there are 97 survivors on board the Geo Barents,” he explained.

So far this year and until August 26, a total of 53,124 migrants have arrived on Italian shores, while in the same period last year 37,368 had done so, according to the latest updated data from the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

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