King Charles III

King Charles III: His marriage to Camilla could pose a problem for the coronation

King Charles’ coronation is fast approaching. Now, however, an insider claims his marriage to Camilla could pose a problem for the monarch.

The whole world is waiting spellbound for May 6, 2023. King Charles III. (74) – like his mother Queen Elizabeth II († 96) before him – is to be officially crowned the new British monarch in a magnificent ceremony. But there are already some myths surrounding the spectacle!

For example, it has long been rumored that Charles is planning a more understated, affordable, and modern coronation compared to his mother. Now, however, his marriage to Queen Consort Camilla (75) is suddenly the focus of interest. According to a royal insider, the church in particular should face an unprecedented problem.

King Charles III: “The Church of England has never crowned a divorced man”

As book author Anthony Holden revealed to the British “The Guardian”, the marriage of Charles and Camilla, who gave their vows in a civil ceremony in 2005 , is said to pose a threat to the planned coronation. Holden stated that “never before has the Church of England crowned a divorced man as king, and thus made her supreme ruler.” The author continues: “And certainly not someone who has publicly admitted to adultery – while said woman, also divorced, sits next to him and will be crowned Queen Consort.”

King Charles: Is he facing a constitutional crisis over his marriage to Camilla?

Anthony Holden added to the Guardian that Charles and Camilla’s marriage could also create political difficulties and “would mean changing the coronation oath, which in turn would mean new law”. This could in turn “lead to a constitutional crisis,” according to the author. However, several experts now contradicted the British “Mirror” and made it clear: “After Charles and Camilla’s wedding there was a prayer service that Archbishop Rowan Williams led.” According to this, the marriage of the two was also legitimized by the church and nothing stood in the way of a joint coronation. Lucky!

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