Juan Reverdito, against the production of Big Brother (Video: “Mañanísima”, Ciudad Magazine)

A little over a month he was inside the house of Big brother the taxi driver Juan Reverdito. He also couldn’t get into the house when the opportunity opened up by repechage: they first chose the participants who were still inside -a Juliana who was disqualified a few days later for revealing information from abroad – then the public, who gave their vote of confidence to Augustine, Lucille The Torah there Daniela.

Thus, Juan experiences the “outside” with a certain bitter taste. It was that he expected a better reception in terms of job offers and opportunities to continue in the media, but for the moment, it would not be given to him as he imagined.

“I’m angry because I wish I was inside, not here. It’s very strong to see it from the outside. And a lot of anger, because he wanted to play the car game, that’s why I came in. But I still enjoy everything, happy, I’m happy. The truth is that I am happy. And waiting for an opportunity to see if someone appears little job, something. Since we are here, we claim it, ”he said at the time, after being eliminated by telephone vote.

However, despite the request, not everything went as he imagined as soon as he left the house, because as he himself declares, he has the feeling that since the production of the cycle they have turned their backs, even calling former participants for the various galas or days of debates.

Martina and Juan of Big Brother 2022 are disappointed to be outside the house (Video: “LAM”, America)

At the time of readmission Alpha a few weeks ago, when he left the mysterious briefcase and left the house again, Reverdito, chatting with Juan Etchegoyen, had questioned the attitude of the production. “I don’t agree with this decision but what happens is that the house has been a mess for a month. There are other guys there who could spice it up more than Alpha. I don’t live from Alfa, they don’t let us all go to the floors of the program and he does. He has privileges. There are things that annoy you, in the debate there are at least three former Big Brothers which add nothing,” he said.

“Doing this is joking with the people who voted for me to leave. And it’s not Christian U, it is very far from that. People paid to take it off and now they put it on. Why not do a survey to find out which participant you want to register? Why not Coti? -he continued- And it shows how bad we are, because we care about a person who has mistreated many people inside the house. I don’t want to name names, but a lot of those who criticized him, now when he came out they sucked his stockings. There’s a lot of things that happened inside the house that didn’t happen,” the former participant said.

The taxi driver, who continues to fight for a place in the media, spoke again, weeks after the final of the most watched show on Argentine television. “I don’t think there is fraud, but I maintain that they inflate certain participants. And in debates, when they want to kick somebody out or hurt a participant with the tapes, they do it, and that person ends up leaving on Sunday,” he said in very morningthe cycle that leads Carmen Barber.

“I asked for a long time to go to the debates and they told me that the grid was busy that week and that I had to wait. 10 days ago they told me that I was staying in time and that they weren’t going to put a red carpet on me to go in. I’m angry because they don’t take me into account and I believe that beyond the fact that I played badly , I consider myself part of Big brother for more than I was a month nothing more. There are people who left the house before me and who are still in the debates. I told the producers and I think they didn’t like it. I think even if there is a signed contract, if we cannot say how they feel, we are in the oven”, he concluded. Juan Reverdito.

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