Japan called North Korea’s new launch of ballistic missiles “absolutely unacceptable” after Pyongyang launched them early Sunday morning.

“This is the seventh time they have tried to provoke and escalate the situation unilaterally. His actions threaten the peace and security of our country, the region and the international community, and are absolutely unacceptable,” Japan’s Defense Minister Ino Toshiro told a news conference.

The nation led by Kim Jong-un announced the launch of two short-range ballistic missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan, according to what was announced by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Toshiro said both missiles traveled 350 km and reached an altitude of less than 100 km, the seventh launch in two weeks by North Korea.

The launch follows the conclusion of naval exercises in waters around the peninsula involving a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, drawing criticism from North Korea.

The missiles would have fallen in waters outside the Japanese exclusive zone (EEZ), without causing damage to the ships that are in the area where they fell, according to the Japan Coast Guard.

North Korea’s missile launches have intensified since the arrival of the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier and its strike group to participate in joint exercises with Japan and South Korea.

By way of justification, a spokesman for North Korea’s National Aviation Administration (NAA) said its recent missile launches are for regular and planned “self-defense” against the United States.

The new launch comes after North Korea fired two short-range missiles on Thursday, the 25th test so far in 2022 and the seventh in just two weeks.

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