The name of Anna Sorokin became world famous after the streaming platform Netflix released a documentary series that talked about how he led many people to believe that she was heiress to a wealthy German family in order to be part of the most prestigious circles in New York.

Sorokin was convicted in New York in 2019 of tax crimes after making a scam of more than 250 thousand dollars to hotels, banks and friends. However, in 2021 she was released for good behavior, but once again, last March, she was apprehended again because her visa had expired.

“She will remain under ICE supervision. but he will be able to fight his deportation free of physical custody,” said John Sandweg, former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We are grateful that the Court has agreed that his continued detention is unnecessary,” added the man who is part of Sorokin’s team.

Immigration Judge Charles Conroy authorized Sorokin’s release earlier this week after set her bail at $10,000 and required her to follow certain conditions among them that did not open social networks and stayed at home in what resolves your situation.

Regarding the documentary that addresses her life and modus operandi to obtain trips, exclusive clothing, jewelry, among other items, it is known, according to unofficial reports, that the young woman received 320 thousand dollars.

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