The Iranian Parliament reiterated this Sunday its refusal to hand over to the United Nations nuclear agency any image of its nuclear activities, understanding that this aspect of the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 has already expired, despite the negotiations that are taking place. to restore the full force of the pact.

“The agreement has expired and any information recorded in this regard will never be delivered to the International Atomic Energy Agency. The images and data will remain solely in the possession of Iran,” said the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Mohamad Baquer Qalibaf, and that in May he announced this decision for the first time, in comments on the Walla portal.

The delivery of images belonged to an “additional protocol” that allowed the UN nuclear agency to collect hundreds of thousands of captures from the security cameras of Iranian plants as part of the nuclear agreement signed between Iran and international powers.

In February this year, with the agreement already deeply deteriorated by the unilateral exit of the United States in 2018, the IAEA managed to sign a three-month interim agreement with Iran to keep the surveillance footage.

However, this issue has been a point of disagreement with the former Iranian Executive led at that time by the reformist President Hasan Rohani, whose mandate has been characterized by some friction with the Conservative Parliament.

In this sense, Rohani declared that the decisions of the Parliament in this regard could be circumvented if the talks with the international community ended up being successful.

His successor, the ultra-conservative president-elect Ebrahim Raisi, has expressed his willingness to continue with the talks but they will not be a priority issue for him, as he indicated during the electoral campaign before this month’s elections, in which he won a victory. devastating.

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