The two teams are each preparing with great care for the debate between the two rounds, the unmissable event of each presidential election. In Emmanuel Macron’s camp, it’s time to concentrate to once again face his opponent from 2017: Marine Le Pen. From this Monday, Emmanuel Macron will surround himself with his close circle, without however isolating himself completely. On the menu for rehearsal sessions: his team dissected Marine Le Pen’s program to get her on the merits. In their line of sight, there are in particular his relations with Vladimir Putin, the rule of law, membership of the European Union or even the economy.

Demonstrate humility

“We must above all destroy the image of the ‘purchasing power candidate’ that she intends to embody”, explains a majority executive. “She is not the candidate of purchasing power, but the candidate of cat power”, he laughs. No question, however, of attacking the person of Marine Le Pen. Emmanuel Macron’s entourage insists on the humility and empathy he will have to show, he who is sometimes criticized for his arrogance.

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