It also extended until May 19 the suspension of cruises departing from Australian ports and postponed until May 29 the departure of one of its ships, the Mardi Gras, from Port Canaveral

After being banned for more than two years by the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia received its first sightseeing cruise on Monday ahead of the expectations of hundreds of curious people at Sydney Harbor.

The day after the end of the ban, Pacific Explorer entered the so-called circular pier of the country’s most populous city, escorted by two tugboats that fired water cannons, and the message “We are at home.” Display the displayed banner Welcomed it, According to state television ABC。

About 250 crew members were on board, but no passengers. Tourists will begin their first voyage to Brisbane, Australia on May 31st in Sydney.

The cruise ship anchored in an Australian port after traveling more than 18,000 km away from Cyprus. In Cyprus, he remained moored for two years after a break due to a pandemic.

The Australian government decided to enter the cruise ship in March 2020 as Ruby Princess, which was moored in Sydney that month, became Australia’s first major source of community infection after about 2,700 passengers disembarked. Banned.

Health officials have associated approximately 900 infections and 28 deaths with the vessel from the United States, with 10% of all domestic infections associated in early April 2020.

In recent months, Australia has relaxed restrictions on containing pandemics after inoculating more than 95% of the target population at least twice.

The country, which prevented a mass transmission in the first year of the pandemic, recorded 5.4 million covid-19 cases, including 6,782 deaths.

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