Spain has already returned to Morocco 7,500 of the 8,000 people who entered irregularly, mainly by swimming, in the North African border city of Ceuta earlier this week, the Spanish Government reported this Sunday .

The number increased by 500 since yesterday, including those Moroccan immigrants who voluntarily return to their country.

This massive arrival in Ceuta from Morocco, including some 800 minors, exacerbated the diplomatic crisis between the two countries, caused by the entry into Spain of the leader of the independentist Saharawi Frente Polisario, Brahim Ghali, to receive medical attention in a hospital.

However, Spain and Morocco reached an agreement for the return of the migrants.

The border remains calm in Ceuta today, although the Spanish Police have increased controls in the mountainous areas where there is evidence of illegal settlements, as there are still dozens of Moroccans in the city who refuse to return.

Melilla, the other Spanish city in North Africa, continues to suffer from the migratory pressure of recent days.

Last morning 70 Moroccans were prevented from jumping over the border fence thanks to the reinforcement of security in the Spanish and Moroccan areas, where work is being done on the containment and deterrence of migrants.

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