At gunpoint, a thief threatened the clerk of a Cuban jewelry store, located on Southwest 8th Street and 66th Avenue, in West Miami, and stole a loot valued at $ 30,000.

The images of the event were recorded by the security camera of the premises, but the thief was hooded fully dressed in black and this has prevented a recognition of his face.

At the time of the robbery, shortly before 10 a.m. last Friday, the store was empty because it had practically just opened and the criminal had free rein to threaten the shop assistant who, when she was pointed with a weapon, collaborated in open the cabinets where the jewels were.

The act of the robbery only lasted a minute and the thief only took the most precious pieces, leaving half of the jewelry of the premises.

Wiliam Díaz, the Cuban owner of the jewelry store, confessed that the police already have some indications of the stolen jewelery since the thief allegedly tried to sell part of the merchandise in a nearby area.

“As things are so difficult, I put some jewelry to see if I could pay the rent because in fact the clothing stores, that I have two, as they are below I am in loss (of) $ 8,000 per month,” Diaz confessed about his strategy of selling clothes and jewelry in the same place.

However, for Díaz, who arrived in Miami a few years ago from his native Pinar del Río in Cuba, the most important thing is that nothing bad happened to his employee.

“I’m not happy because no one being robbed would be, but I feel good because he didn’t hurt my employee. God knows all things, the money working is recovered, the damage does not.”

The Miami-Dade Police Theft Department asks anyone with information about the theft to contact officers at (305) 471-8477.

A similar robbery took place on the same street less than a month ago

A robbery in broad daylight shook the Cuban jewelry Amaury, located on Calle Ocho in Miami, on April 27. The police rely on security camera recordings to find the whereabouts of at least three thieves, for whose capture they offer up to $ 3,000 in reward.

The criminals, who broke in at noon, took only one object: the solid gold link chain on display, from 715 grams of weight and valued at 20 thousand dollars.

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