Convicts after their arrest

Pampean justice has decided to sentence this Friday to life imprisonment the murderers of Lucio Dupuy, Madeleine Espositoboy’s mother and Abigail Peace, his partner at the time of the crime. Prosecuting evidence was found in the file. One of the most important of these tests was the conversations of WhatsApp among those currently serving the maximum sentence. GlobeLiveMedia He accepted all conversations.

What these interviews say among lifers is gruesome.

In the exchanges of messages, which deepened from the October 1, 2021A month before Lucio’s murder, the women spoke about wanting to give the child up for adoption, about the beatings they inflicted on him, and how they “disturbs” the baby. His mother repeatedly wrote “I can’t even see it”.

He October 12A little over a month before the crime, Lucio, according to conversations, scratched the newly painted tub. This fact triggered a beating which was exposed in the conversations and which is reproduced in this note textual.

Abigail: Watch your son’s live, it scratched the whole shower. So he hooked her up, I don’t want you talking to him because in the end we shake his hand and see how he responds.

Abigail: He’s not going to the garden tomorrow, he’s not going out all weekend and I want him locked in the bedroom all day, it’s hard and we’re doing everything to make him feel better in a nicer place and he comes and stays there, good time is over vibe.

Magdalene: Ooooh, but that’s all asshole this child. God

Abigail: I don’t know, I’ll tell you tomorrow at 6am. And he stays in the garden all the fucking day. I don’t even want you to talk to him because it happened. He does what he wants with you, fat lady. Start stocking it up, ’cause if I don’t.

Magdalene: It’s not possible, idiot. I’m already tired. There’s no way we can’t be okay because he’s becoming like a jerk. Well, you seriously have to leave him alone.

Abigail: I know you can’t hit it but hey, I will be there for that.

The image of popular demand for justice (Gastón Taylor)
The image of popular demand for justice (Gastón Taylor)

A few days after this situation, the October 15, Lucio was again beaten by the girlfriend of the mother. Abigail Páez repeatedly clarifies that she is the one who has beaten the youngest the most.

Abigail: You do what you want with Lucio, but with me don’t tell me not to mess it up because it makes me explode. I warn you that I should be in penance as you told me yesterday. And it is not. And then I’m the crazy bitch.

Magdalene: If we put him in penance, now he will put the pajero triple

Abigail: And look at all that I’ve smoked without doing anything. I don’t know, you do what you want, I’m just telling you all this so you can take it into account when i explode why is it like that. I still smoke stuff and so I’m the bad guy.

This last conversation took place one month and 11 days before the crime. Abigail Páez, the mother’s girlfriend, talks about “blow”. This is precisely what, according to the justice system, happened on the day of the crime. That, between the two of them, they had a fit of rage, one of those which reproduced in them, and they beat the boy to death. For the judges, this fragment of the presentation was premonitory of what would happen.

Lucio Dupuy was 5 years old when he was brutally murdered
Lucio Dupuy was 5 years old when he was brutally murdered

For the two murderers sentenced to life imprisonment, Lucio was a burden, a nuisance that interfered in their relationship. This, which at first seemed like a hypothesis, was later confirmed by conversations. Over and over again over the months, they expressed how “bother” they felt with the baby living with them. This was reflected in the conversation they had in mid-October. There were only a few days left before the little boy was murdered.

Magdalene: I don’t even want to see it I smoke it cool and more when it does all these things. I no longer want to discuss with you sincerely. I don’t want to argue with you anymore. We always end up arguing about Lucio’s cunt.

Abigail: I don’t want to argue with you either. I don’t want to be wrong with you. So stand firm. But firm, ortiva. You will see how it calms down.

He October 26 Another situation occurred which led to beating the baby. Apparently, from the conversation, Abigail Páez had gone to fetch Lucio from the garden on her motorbike and on the way the little boy moved and almost fell. The woman blamed him and hit him. The mother’s reaction is discouraged.

Abigail: He almost fell off the motorcycle pajero. It tires me, it continues to behave like a jerk and you get away with it.

Magdalene: Because? You tell me that I’m doing, nothing to do. I don’t handle it at all

Abigail: You keep buying him little legs and pajeriadas.

Magdalene: No, I bought the legs because that was the only thing I had enough of. And I don’t agree with that. I can’t even see it anymore. He thinks everything is fine, but it’s not.

Abigail: I don’t know, he told me like that, that he’s going to stay there in the song.

The sticker today in Courts (Gastón Taylor)
The sticker today in Courts (Gastón Taylor)

Reading these conversations, an inevitable question arose for the investigators of the case. Why did they fight for Lucio’s tenure and take him to live with them if it bothered them?.Conversations only one answer emerges: annoy Christianthe baby’s father, whom they deeply rejected and, like their son, treated him “pajero ancestor”.

Even though it might be crazy, they were both thinking about give Lucio up for adoption. Not to mention that on the other side there was a paternal family who wanted to raise him, they believed they could do it. And on October 18, 2021, they planned it. In that same conversation, the baby’s mother confesses that she cares more about her girlfriend than her son.

Magdalene: I wish we were alone again, like in Cordoba

Abigail: Uff, if I dreamed it.

Magdalene: Because besides, I don’t want to fight with you. I can do anything for you. And if Lucio stops our relationship from happening, I won’t allow it. Because I don’t care as much as you do.

Abigail: I’m shocked. And sometimes I think it’s not so, that you wouldn’t do so much for me, I would do exactly the same thing if I were in your place, surely. But I think there are other ways and that in the end we can talk to a judge and put him up for adoption. For me, that would be the best option. And explain to him that you tried and you weren’t ready and you know that with his father he wasn’t going to be raised well

Magdalene: Yes, totally, you will need to have a full rental first. But hey, there are also a lot of things against this decision. And it’s not easy for me to take it I’m not ready for people to judge me. But You I don’t feel capable of raising him. Teach him what he needs to learn, be firm and challenge him if necessary.

The support of neighbors to the family after the sentences (Gastón Taylor)
The support of neighbors to the family after the sentences (Gastón Taylor)

Before being murdered, Espósito and Cristian Dupuy, Lucio’s father, had agreed that Lucio would spend the holidays at General Pico with his paternal family. But Páez and Esposito had a problem: they were afraid that the little boy would talk and tell about the beatings. Therefore, they planned how to “make him look like a liar”.

It was the mother’s friend who gave the instructions:

“Here. He’s a boy and he’s making things up to get attention. Tell him the psychologist told you. That he needs attention and then he goes to extremes so they give him a bullet. When will you realize that I am very intelligent? “, he said.

There is one last conversation, perhaps the most brutal of all. Magdalena and Abigail talk in early November about how Lucio interferes in their relationship.

That day, Magdalena Espósito wrote: “It puts me in an uncomfortable situation in which I do not want to be. I would like to make it disappear”.

The bride responds:Ha, if I thought about it”.

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