Residents of the Balearic Islands enjoy a 75% discount on the rates for regular air and sea transport services on national routes from the archipelago to the peninsula and vice versa, as well as on inter-island flights.

To benefit from this discount, which is applied to the price of the ticket without fees, it is necessary to be registered in one of the municipalities of the islands.

Until 2014, the citizens of the Balearic Islands had to carry the resident certificate , a document issued by the town councils of their respective municipalities, to travel by boat or plane . However, in November of that year, the Ministry of Formento launched the SARA telematic system to facilitate the identification process for residents, since it allows transport companies to check if their clients meet the requirements to obtain the discount for the 75%. In this way, it is only necessary to present the DNI or passport.

However, there may be exceptional cases  in which the verification of residence is not possible, such as the case of  children under 14 years of age who do not have a DNI ,  residents who have recently registered  and those in whom they have  entered erroneously form personal data in the system . In these cases, travelers must present before boarding, in addition to the DNI, an original and valid resident certificate.

This document must be requested in person or online at the town hall of the municipality in which you reside.

What do I need to obtain the resident certificate in person?

The document can be requested at the offices of the municipality in which you are registered . In Palma, you must go to the Citizen Services (AOC) and the Population Service offices, located in Plaza Santa Eulàlia, 7.

Spanish residents must present an official identification document ( DNI, driving license or passport ). For their part, foreign residents must provide their NIE or the passport or identity card of the community country, in addition to a certificate of registration as a citizen of the European Union.

What do I need to request the resident certificate electronically?

To obtain this document through the internet , as long as the town hall of the municipality in which you reside has enabled a system for this purpose, you will need an electronic DNI, the digital certificate,  the Cl@ve concerted key systems or the citizen card , in the case of Palma. There are also town halls that provide a PIN to carry out this procedure through the internet.

Resident certificate at ATMs

Caixabank customers can obtain the certificate at the bank’s ATMs.

Do I have to pay to get the certificate?

If it is requested in the town halls, the fee for the issuance of administrative documents must be paid .

If you opt for the electronic route or through ATMs, the residence certificate is free .

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