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Today is a key day for Spain in the World Cup. The draw against Brazil forces Poland to win, which in the Qatar World Cup took away the bronze from the Hispanics. They have three players in the Polish league (the brothers Dujsebaev and Ángel Fernández) and another who passed through there (goalkeeper Corrales, who was confirmed at Wisla Plock).

The four assure that “You have to win to stay alive in the World Cup”, and analyze the evolution of Poland.“It will give us problems. It is a very physical team, and they are playing a great game with the evolution of some players, who despite being young, already have a very important weight in their selection“, says the Galician Corrales,

In the first match, Moryto stood out as well as Jordi Ribera, Kielce’s left-handed winger in which he is a starting partner with Angel Fernandez, who defines him as very complete, “because he is fast, and can also surprise playing between the lines”, and the Cantabrian points out that tonight the key will be “a good defense and that contributes the counterattack”.

For Dani Dujsebaev have options happens “for showing the best version of Spain, because Poland is a great team, and we must try to run as hard as we can so that a defense is not as solid as the one they have. “

AND Alex Dujsebaev, Kielce’s third Cantabrian, puts his finger on the sore: “It is key to win, and we are going to face a very physical team, and grown by its good start. It is a very serious crash in which you have to put speed”.

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