Badalona (Barcelona), 18 Feb. Real Madrid striker Adam Hanga was critical after the Copa del Rey semi-final loss to Unicaja (82-93) and urged the team to ‘reflect’, saying ‘the shield is not enough not in these matches. You have to fight for it”. 40 minutes because there are very good teams”.

“Unicaja played a good game and deserved to win because they played much better than us,” admitted Hanga, who added that his team’s performance was “complicated to explain”.

For the Hungarian shooter, the Malaga team “played with more intensity in defense”, quite the opposite of Real Madrid: “We did not do enough, especially in the third quarter, where they scored 30 points.

“A great opportunity to win the Cup has slipped away from us. I would like to know why, and I hope that we will learn from it and, when we play matches that if you lose you go home, do better”, said lamented the player.

Asked how this loss could influence the rest of the season, Hanga said that “it will not influence anything, since it is basketball and life goes on. We have to move on. We are first in ACB and in the Euroleague, and we will work to keep it”. ECE



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