Guillermo Salas, DT of Alianza Lima, praised Piero Quispe and Andy Polo.

Lima Covenant was rewarded with the last classic of Peruvian football. And that’s what he beat sports university as a visitor in a scheduled duel on Date 5 of the 2023 Ligue 1 Opening Tournament. However, the details of this match continue to be a matter of discussion. In this sense, the box coach ‘Blue and white’, Guillermo Salashe was full of praise for Piero Quispe there Andy Polowhich he confessed he would love to have them on his team.

Before that, the coach admitted he was surprised the 21-year-old midfielder was a substitute in the Classic, although he highlighted his qualities and acknowledged he would like to have him. “It surprises me (that he doesn’t start), but a lot depends on the coach’s idea. Piero Quispe seems like a good player to me, he shows it every time he comes in and plays. We would like to have it. He is a player who will soon be playing for the national team. It has good features. These are decisions of the technicians, ”he commented in an interview for the show. football as a field of RPA.

Quispe lost ground in the starting XI to manager Carlos Compagnucci, who opted to use Martín Pérez Guedes in that spot, a more active player. “They have Calcaterra and Pérez Guedes, who are intense players. Maybe the “Professor” likes players who step on both areas. Quispe may lack that. That’s what I see from the outside, because I don’t know their daily life, but of course I like it. Who wouldn’t want to have Quispe?” he asked.

But he wasn’t the only player University What ‘boy’ Salas flattered since Andy Polo He also spoke and clarified that he was one of the players who brought the most danger to the defense of Alianza Lima. “To Andy Polo too. They annoy him a lot, but he was one of the toughest for us yesterday. It’s hard to score Polo. He is a powerful, facetious winger. He takes one or two players off without a problem, it’s intense,” he said.

The newcomer put the discount on the University for the Peruvian Classic 2023. (Video: GOLPERU).

Finally, the 48-year-old DT felt that both the Quispe and the Polo had all the virtues to be important elements for the Peruvian team. “These are players who will do good for the Peruvian team. I don’t know if they will be in Alianza Lima, I would love that, but they are players that we have for “professor” Juan Reynoso. They are young and from the future,” he said.

And it is that Piero Quispe had a promising start in 2021 with Ángel Comizzo, although it was Álvaro Gutiérrez who gave him greater continuity in 2022 in University. In fact, it was last year that he had the most first-team chances with 37 appearances, but only two goals and three assists to his name. Anyway, he came to be summoned by Juan Reynoso for the friendly matches of the ‘Red and white’ ahead of Paraguay and Bolivia, participating in the latter.

Piero Quispe with Peru in a friendly against Bolivia in 2022. (FPF)
Piero Quispe with Peru in a friendly against Bolivia in 2022. (FPF)

Clearly, on the field of play, he shows his bold and confrontational football. But for 2023, Compagnucci himself admitted that in the pre-season he did not reach the level with which he ended 2022. “In this pre-season he did not have the level with which he finished, but I understand that joining a week behind around there It took a while,” he said at a press conference a few weeks ago.

The truth is that both team as Andy Polo They gave another dynamic to the ‘U’. There ‘Joya’ he allowed Luis Urruti to score the goal from the throw-in and overflowed on his right wing on several occasions. In the case of the midfielder, he broke the lines and caused despair for Carlos Zambrano, who was sent off for a tough challenge against him. We will see how the Argentine strategist, who has two consecutive defeats, will organize himself.

The defender made his debut with the red in Peruvian football with Alianza Lima. (Video: GOLPERU).

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