Paris, December 30 – With a soaring incidence rate of more than 2,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the Government delegation of the Paris region imposed as of tomorrow, December 31, the mandatory use of the mask in the outer areas of Paris.

The decree establishes a fine of 135 euros for those who fail to comply and warns that there will be a reinforcement of police controls so that the law is complied with.

The exceptions in which it will not apply will be in the two large parks adjacent to Paris, the Bois de Boulogne and Vincennes, and the areas of the Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Le Bourget airports.

Nor does this regulation affect minors under 11 years of age and those who go inside a private car, cyclists and other drivers of two-wheelers and those who practice sports.

Paris, the most populous city in France, with 2.1 million inhabitants, is one of the epicenters of the fifth wave of covid in the country.

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