The French Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, announced this Thursday that she will appoint an LGTBI ambassador at the end of the year to defend the rights of this group in the international arena.

During an act in Orleans, in the center of the country, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in France, the head of the Government assured that this new position will coordinate the actions of the Foreign Ministry.

Her work will consist of fighting against discrimination against the collective, promoting their rights and defending “the universal decriminalization of homosexuality and trans identity,” she said.

The French Prime Minister denounced “that they are being called into question, even in the European legal system.” homosexual rights, in a veiled allusion to Viktor Orbán’s Hungary, which justifies the creation of this new post.

On August 4, 1982, the French left removed from the Penal Code the penalties imposed on homosexual relations, which had been introduced by the Vichy regime during the German invasion in World War II. That same day, the first LGTBI Pride demonstration in the country’s history took place in France.

Borne highlighted the legislative progress for the LGBTI community in the last five years, since President Emmanuel Macron came to power.

In this sense, she cited access to assisted medical reproduction for all women or the prohibition of conversion therapies. He also stressed that the battle “is not yet won” and that “hate towards LGTB + people continues to exclude, hurt and sometimes kill.”

He thanked the “exemplary” work of the LGTBI centers and associations in the country, which are “an identifiable and accessible entry point” for the “large number of people who do not know where to turn.”

In relation to this, he announced the creation of a fund of three million euros to create ten new LGTBI centers in France and reinforce the 35 that already exist.

The prime minister proposed that there be at least two centers for each region of metropolitan France and one in each overseas region. “Fortunately, the fight for equality never gives up,” she celebrated Borne.

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