The Russian Ministry of Defense has accused the United States on Thursday of being related to the emergence of COVID-19 for allegedly participating in a scientific program that studied the development of coronaviruses in bats.

This has been stated by the head of the Russian Defense and Chemical Plant Troops, Igor Kirillov, who has indicated that the US authorities would have participated in tests with coronaviruses similar to SARS within the framework of ‘Event 201’, a forum organized by the center Johns Hopkins for Health Security in October 2019, according to the Russian agency TASS.

“We are considering the possibility that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is involved in the appearance of the coronavirus. Since 2009, the agency has funded the Predict program, which has studied new types of coronaviruses, captured bats that carry these viruses,” Kirillov said.

For this reason, the head of troops at Russian chemical plants has detailed that Russia “has been forced to re-analyze the causes of the new coronavirus pandemic”, as well as to analyze the role of US military biologists, the agency has reported.

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