In Game 3 CONMEBOL – Copa Libertadores 2023, striker Juan Martín Lucero shouted twice in Fortaleza’s 4-0 crushing victory over Maldonado. The goals of the match for the locals were scored by Thiago Galhardo (49′ 1T), Juan Martín Lucero (38′ 2T and 46′ 2T) and Guilherme (41′ 2T).

A Bruno Pacheco shot hit the post after 27 minutes and Fortaleza lost their chance to take the lead.

Guilherme gave a great performance. The Fortaleza defender was important by converting 1 goal.

Thiago Galhardo is another player who had a great game. The Fortaleza striker shone by scoring 1 goal, kicking 6 and making 18 correct passes.

Deportivo Maldonado’s midfielder Tomás Fernández fired a pipe and sent the ball flying through the legs of Fortaleza’s midfielder Caio Alexandre at minute 85 of the second leg.

The flow of the match was fought and with a lot of friction during the 90 minutes. There were 3 reprimands: Titi, Tomás Fernández and Marcelo Benevenuto.

Fortaleza DT Juan Pablo Vojvoda featured a 4-5-1 tactical layout with Fernando Miguel in the arch; Tinga, Marcelo Benevenuto, Titi and Bruno Pacheco in the defensive line; Caleb, Hercules, Caio Alexandre, Romarinho and Tomás Pochettino in midfield; and Thiago Galhardo in attack.

For his part, Fabian Coito’s set came out with a 5-3-2 tactical layout with Guillermo Reyes under the three sticks; Guillermo Cotugno, Robert Herrera, Angel Cayetano, Martin Ferreira and Augustin Alfaro in defence; Matías Tellechea, Facundo Piriz and Nicolás Queiroz in midfield; and Claudio Paul Spinelli and Hernan Toledo up front.

Jesús Valenzuela Sáez was in charge of overseeing the order of play during the match.

Fortaleza ruthlessly overwhelmed Maldonado and will play in the third phase of CONMEBOL – Copa Libertadores 2023.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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