Get to know the updated list of flights to Cuba scheduled for today December 16, 2021 at the “José Martí” International Airport in Havana

Updated list of flights to Cuba scheduled for today December 16, 2021, at the “José Martí” International Airport in Havana.

Among the international trips that leave the Cuban airport are destinations such as: Bogotá, Panama, Fort Lauderdale, Cancun, Tampa, Mexico, Miami, Kingston, Madrid, Santo Domingo, Paris and Zurich.

The flights arriving in Cuba today through the “José Martí” Airport come from: Bogotá, Panama, Fort Lauderdale, Cancun, Tampa, Miami, Milan, Zurich, Madrid and Toronto.

Flights departing from the “José Martí” International Airport

Flight Airline Destination Exit
CM 295 Copa Airlines Panama 5:20 AM
CU 800 Cuban Aviation Nva Gerona 5:50 AM
CM 321 Copa Airlines Panama 7:36 AM
P5 7013 Copa Airlines CO Bogota 8:55 AM
JY 459 Caribbean Airways I’m Domingo 9:15 AM
B6 800 JetBlue Airways Fort Lauderdale 10:20 AM
VB 313 VivaAerobus Cancún 10:25 AM
CM 372 Copa Airlines Panama 11:30 AM
WN 4802 Southwest Airlines Tampa 12:10 PM
AA 2706 American Airlines Miami 1:10 PM
VB 133 VivaAerobus Mexico 1:15 PM
CU 804 Cuban Aviation Nva Gerona 5:15 PM
AF 825 Air France Paris 5:40 PM
KL 2178 KLM Paris 5:40 PM
B6 1900 JetBlue Airways Fort Lauderdale 6:30 PM
EDW 33 Edelweiss Air Zurich 8:20 PM
LX 8033 SWISS Zurich 8:20 PM
EDW 26 Edelweiss Air Cancún 8:20 PM
LX 8026 SWISS Cancún 8:20 PM
CU 470 Cuban Aviation Madrid 9:05 PM
UX 52 Air Europa Madrid 10:00 PM
TK 9383 Turkish Airlines Madrid 10:00 PM
IB 6620 Iberia Madrid 11:30 PM
QR 6570 Qatar Airways Madrid 11:30 PM
BA 4214 British Airways Madrid 11:30 PM

Flights to Cuba arriving at the “José Martí ” International Airport

Flight Airline Source Arrival
CM 230 Copa Airlines Panama 12:30 AM
P5 7012 Copa Airlines CO Bogota 7:26 AM
CU 801 Cuban Aviation Nva Gerona 7:40 AM
B6 799 JetBlue Airways Fort Lauderdale 8:50 AM
VB 312 VivaAerobus Cancún 9:25 AM
CM 371 Copa Airlines Panama 10:05 AM
WN 4801 Southwest Airlines Tampa 10:50 AM
AA 2705 American Airlines Miami 11:41 AM
NO 440 Neos Milan 4:00 PM
B6 1899 JetBlue Airways Fort Lauderdale 5:00 PM
EDW 32 Edelweiss Air Zurich 6:40 PM
LX 8032 SWISS Zurich 6:40 PM
EDW 26 Edelweiss Air Zurich 6:40 PM
LX 8026 SWISS Zurich 6:40 PM
CU 805 Cuban Aviation Nva Gerona 7:05 PM
UX 51 Air Europa Madrid 7:45 PM
TK 9382 Turkish Airlines Madrid 7:45 PM
IB 6621 Iberia Madrid 9:30 PM
QR 6571 Qatar Airways Madrid 9:30 PM
BA 4213 British Airways Madrid 9:30 PM
AC 7269 Air Canada Toronto 11:30 PM
CM 294 Copa Airlines Panama 11:45 PM

American Airlines plans to cut prices on its flights to Cuba

The US airline American Airlines (AA) foresees a price reduction on its flights to Cuba in the coming weeks, according to its website.

Before the Cuban government eliminated restrictions on international flights on November 15, but especially since that date, the prices of flights to Havana from Miami (route operated by American Airlines) have increased exponentially, reaching almost the two thousand dollars.

The wide demand for travel by Cuban-Americans who want to visit their relatives on the island during the end of the year has grown, especially after the epidemiological situation improved in both countries after several months of tense crisis.

Charter flight agencies to Cuba continue to charge health fees to US travelers

The charter flight agencies that market the air routes between the US and Cuba continue to charge the health tax to travelers , despite the fact that the Cuban government eliminated strict epidemiological protocols since last November 15.

Cuban newspaper was  able to confirm that the fare charged amounts to 35 dollars as shown in a purchase ticket for a flight to Cuba from Miami that has other extra charges such as baggage allowance and customs duty that all Cuban airports charge to travelers who are not residents of Cuba.

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