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A mother lives in fear because a group of the extortionists who pretend to be wizards He asks for money in exchange for not performing evil spells with which, they say, they will cause the death of their loved ones and misfortune will rain down on them.

On Thursday, March 2, Olenka Fernandez visited a Facebook page dedicated to esotericism Called the “Sacred Temple of Spirituality and Energy”, they offered a “year-end cleansing ritual” and “free consultations” to read letters there. “We make your consultation 100% free! To each problem its solution!”, indicated the post with the number of WhatsApp with whom the woman was communicating.

Olenka Fernandez pointed out to the ATV Noticias newscast that as soon as she started the conversation with the people who were supposed to give her the free consultation, she received the extortion threats.

Now they send him videos where they perform alleged spell rituals in which they invoke “holy death” using images of skulls and snakes. “You have 24 hours to pay me for my consultation, you will pay me, if you don’t pay me my time”, “ruin and filth will come to you, you will all die”, are some of the messages they t ‘send.

They extort a woman with 'witchcraft'.  (Mountain Bike News)
They extort a woman with ‘witchcraft’. (Mountain Bike News)

The bone delinquents, who by their accent would be Venezuelan citizens, ask him to deposit the amount of 300 soles. “I don’t play. I have my power and you pay me,” they tell him in another video message where they show a dead crow.

They also told him that his photo, which would have been subjected to a witchcraft ritual, will be buried in a graveyard for the spell to take effect.

Olenka chose to block the number from which the messages come, but now they write to her from other phones.

The woman has already filed a complaint with the police and hopes that the extortionists will soon be arrested.

There extortion, or the use of violence or intimidation with the intention of causing economic damage, is a reality with numerous cases in Peru. However, be meticulous Thanks to our data, you can avoid becoming victims of this crime.

The criminal lawyer and professor of the professional school of law of the César Vallejo University (UCV), Ludwin Peña Alca, gave the following advice to the Andean Agency:

Keep your data confidential your routine, as well as information about your family and work. “You have to keep a low profile and avoid spreading certain situations on social networks.”

The information that users post on their social networks is one of the main sources of information for criminals who plan the crime in advance, make an adjustment and find out every move of their potential victims. That’s why he suggests checking communications at the family level.

“You have to protect yourself and create a circle of safety. Everything must be reserved. Maybe change the chip and achieve more hermetic communication with their loved ones and loved ones,” he recommended.

Finally, he asked the public to trust the work of the National Police of Peru (PNP) and lodge a complaint since they have the ability to confront extortion gangs.

Cases of extortion can be reported to the emergency center call the free line 105. They will send your file to the police station in your area.

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