EU sanctions 29 people and three entities for repression

EU sanctions 29 people and three entities for repression

The States that make up the European Union yesterday approved a new round of sanctions against 29 people and three entities for the internal repression in Iran after the death of the young Masha Amini, confirmed the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

In this way, the EU extends the existing punitive measures for human rights violations in Iran to react to the situation unleashed in the country after the death of the 22-year-old woman arrested for allegedly wearing her veil wrong.

With this step, the EU exceeds the hundred people included in its ‘black list’ for rights violations in Iran. Last October, the Twenty-seven already took the first step to sanction those responsible for the case, then 11 people and four entities were included, including the head of the Morale Police, Mohamed Rostami.

Amini’s death sparked nationwide protests that were violently suppressed by the Iranian authorities. Meanwhile, the EU continues to collect information on military support for Russia in the Ukraine conflict and has already announced that it will intensify sanctions against Tehran if it confirms the supply of ballistic missiles to Moscow.

The issue was present in the declarations of foreign ministers who pointed out that the Twenty-seven must respond to the sending of Iranian missiles and give a clear signal that there will be very strong sanctions and not the symbolic measures approved for the supply of drones, as pointed out by the Estonian minister, Urmas Reinsalu.

“Clearly, if Iran sends drones and missiles that are used to attack civilian targets in Ukraine there has to be a response from the EU, but we will wait and see the evidence,” said the Irish minister, Simon Coveney, while his Romanian counterpart Bogdan Aurescu expressed support for more sanctions against Moscow.

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