Emilio Lozoya Austin appeared on March 10 before the North Prison Review Judge, where the interim hearing of the Odebrecht case was held, during which he will seek a reparations agreement with the Attorney General of the Republic, an instance that accuses him of association with crime, money laundering and corruption.

The defense of the former director of Pemex would offer some 10 million dollars with the hope that this Friday a date and time will be set to sign the repair of the damage, in addition to reaffirming the criteria of opportunity that he has been asking for since 2020.

Lawyer Miguel Ontiveros, told the media that the position will be to reach an agreement allowing Lozoya to be released from prison.

“Mr. Emilio Lozoya Austin’s position is that he will ask for a date and time to be set for the signing of the damage compensation agreement, in favor of the state institutions that have indicated specific amounts, and will thus obtain the suspension of the exercise of the criminal action, and move towards the criteria of opportunity”, declared the litigant at the entrance of the Federal Center for Criminal Justice of the North Prison.

The interim hearing has been suspended three times in recent months because the defense has requested extensions to analyze new evidence presented by the FGR, however, it is expected that on March 10 it will finally be determined whether the former director reaches to a remediation agreement, or if applicable, the representative of the public prosecutor continues the lawsuit.

In this regard, lawyer Miguel Ontiveros added: “Our 100% position, as from the beginning, on the instructions of Mr. Lozoya and his family, is to continue collaborating with the aim of achieving the criteria of ‘opportunity, which will be the position that we will manifest at the beginning of the hearing to the judge in accordance with the judicial system’.

After President Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself publicly stated that Emilio Lozoya’s first offer of around $7 million was “very little”, Emilio Lozoya’s family got down to business. to raise an amount close to 10 million of the North American currency. , or about 200 million pesos.

“The State has already set an amount, I will just say it in broad strokes, over 200 million pesos. The Lozoya Austin family, with great effort, created the conditions to guarantee the payment of more than 200 million of pesos, thus respecting the last necessary requirement with regard to the criterion of expediency”, underlined the litigant.

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