London, Sep 12 – The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II will be transferred tomorrow, Tuesday, from St Giles Cathedral, in Edinburgh, to Buckingham Palace, in London, as confirmed on Monday by a spokesman for the British royal house .

After staying for 24 hours in the Scottish cathedral, where there is today a burning chapel so that the Scots can pay tribute to the sovereign, who died on the 8th in Balmoral (Scotland), the remains will be taken to the British capital tomorrow by the afternoon on a Royal Air Force (RAF) plane.

The plane with Elizabeth II’s coffin will land at the Northolt military base, west of the capital, ahead of the state funeral that will take place on Monday the 19th in Westminster Abbey (London), next to the British Parliament.

According to a statement issued today by Buckingham Palace to specify the travel plan, Princess Anne, daughter of Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, accompanied by Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, will travel on Tuesday accompanying the queen’s coffin during its transfer from Scotland.

The palace note details that upon arrival at Edinburgh airport, the coffin will be placed on the RAF plane by a military delegation and an Honor Guard from the Royal Regiment of Scotland. There will be a royal salute upon the arrival of the coffin.

The Royal Scottish Regiment Military Band is also scheduled to perform a verse from the national anthem when the plane departs.

On arrival at Northolt, the funeral procession and Honor Guard will be made up of the so-called Queen’s Color Squadron (63 Squadron RAF Regiment) and will remain at that base until the funeral procession has departed.

According to the note, the procession will travel through central enclaves of the capital until they reach Buckingham, such as Eastbourne Terrace, Lancaster Gate, Bayswater Road, Marble Arch, Park Lane, Hyde Park Corner, Constitution Hill, Center Gate and Center Arch of Buckingham Palace. .

The queen’s coffin will lie overnight in the palace’s Bow Room.

The successor and eldest son of Isabel I, Charles III, was officially proclaimed last Saturday following the death of his mother on September 8 at the age of 96 in the Scottish castle of Balmoral.

The sovereign, who today delivered his first speech as king before the members of the British Parliament in Westminster, where he recalled the legacy of his mother, will also receive this afternoon in audience at Holyroodhouse (Edinburgh) the Scottish chief minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

The king will later go to the Scottish autonomous Parliament to listen and respond to the message of condolence from the deputies, which he will also do on successive days in Belfast and Wales.

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