The Puerto Rico Seismic Network registered an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 at dawn this Monday (about 1:18 am).

The telluric movement occurred at a depth of 15 kilometers, 6,737 kilometers south of Peñuelas. It had maximum intensity V in Ponce.

There is no Tsunami Warning, Warning or Watch for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

What to do during an earthquake?

It is important that you review these security measures.

Do not run! During an earthquake get down, get covered and hold on. Also stay away from dangerous objects. Has the shaking ended? Take the necessary measures according to your area.

Also, grab your safety backpack, which must have: first aid kit – gauze, band-aids, basic medications; among others- clothing -at least two changes-, non-perishable food and water.

It also includes hygiene items, lighting -such as candles or solar lanterns-, radio, whistle and cash. Lastly, collect your most important documents.

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