On March 14, the mayor of Bogotá announced the purchase of 151 new ambulances. Credits: @ClaudiaLopez/Twitter

Following the publication of a series of notes questioning the operation of the new fleet of ambulances presented in March by the Bogotá City Hallthere Bogota Health Secretariat He assured, through a statement, that there is no notification for people who died in ambulances.

According to information from WeekAfter the presentation of the new ambulances acquired by the district, there were several cases of incomplete transfers or injured people who could not be mobilized in these vehicles due to breakdowns they would have, wondering if there acted as RNH reference vans they were just adapted.

One of the cases exposed by the medium, tells how a minor, who would have been impaled by her stepfather, reportedly died after one of the new ambulances failed to start so that she can be transferred to a medical center or treated with the equipment available to paramedics and which should be able to operate with the energy emitted by the vehicle’s battery.

This information was denied by the district, because the Bogota Health Secretariat He claims that after an investigation it was verified that there was no notification in this regard, guaranteeing that there were no deaths in which there was direct or indirect participation of ambulances when transferring and caring for a patient in the city.

Moreover, it is ensured that if a case such as the one reported by the newspaper has been presented, the Attorney General of the Nation would have opened an investigation in this regard and should have notified the Bogota Health Secretariat as part of the process.

Dentro del comunicado, se inform que, frente al caso expuesto por el medio respecto al presunto caso de violence sexual contra una menor, la Fiscalía General de la Nación ni la Secretaría de la Mujer, tienen conocimiento de que un hecho de esas características haya sucedido in the city. Finally, they confirm that the Emergencies and Emergencies Regulatory Center (CRUE) has not recorded any patient deaths or complications due to electrical failures in emergency vehicles.

The Ministry of Health has affirmed that from the CRUE a scan will be carried out by typification codes and locality, to ensure that a case of the characteristics delivered by the communication medium has not been recorded in BogotáIn addition, he will ask the Attorney General of the Nation to initiate an investigation into the events he recounts Week.

The statement concludes with the district’s request to the public not to let health in the city become an issue to generate political attacks due to the election period, reiterating the commitment of the secretariat and its work team to save lives. lives in Bogotá.

After the release of the press release Bogota Health Secretariatthe outlet responded by stating that after the event, the Emergency and Emergencies Regulatory Center was informed of what had happened, which is why medical personnel on board one of the new ambulances arrived In the region.

According to information from Weekthe girl went into cardiorespiratory arrest, and because the vehicle had an electrical fault, it could not be started by medical personnel, who were also unable to use the vital signs monitor and blood pump , due to the lack of electricity in the ambulance.

The outlet claims to have the name of the person who handled the matter, however, this would not be made public to avoid retaliation against that person.

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