The Fair Play gesture in Norway that drew applause from the whole stadium

Brad Finn, the 27-year-old Norwegian winger, had his moments of splendor, such as when he came to the under-21 team of his country or when he made the jump to German football (he wore the jersey of Cologne) and Denmark. But never like this weekend, and not exactly because of a dazzling overrun or a hard-hitting goal. It was his sportsmanship that led him to travel the world.

On the occasion of the 2-0 victory of the Odd Greenland BK in front of his team Bergen Fire, for the Eliteserien, the highest category in Norway, the attacker had the opportunity to close the score, but chose not to take advantage of a misfortune of his opponent. He launched himself to impose himself in a long ball which ran to fight with the defender Sondre Johansenwho in the race felt muscular discomfort and stopped, leaving the field open to his rival to go towards the goal.

However, Finne surprisingly slowed down instead of taking advantage of the situation. He kicked the ball to provide medical assistance to his opponent and in the stands of the stadium, spectators stood to applaud him for the gesture of fair play.

In the networks, the move immediately went viral, and many fans immediately nominated him to receive the corresponding award in the next edition of the awards. The best. In the last edition, in which Lionel Messi won the award for the best player, the Georgian footballer Luka Lochoshvili he received the honor of saving the life on the pitch of a player from the rival team who had passed out and was about to drown. Will it be Norwegian Brad Finne’s turn at the 2024 gala?

During the week, a similar game had taken place in Argentine football: in San Lorenzo’s victory over Boca Juniors 1-0 in the Professional League, Iván Leguizamón challenged Bruno Valdez for a shot from the left flank, the Paraguayan s ‘is hurt. at the same time as the youngster accelerated, he reached the bottom and sent the cross that Pol Fernández ended up ramming involuntarily into the back of his fence. Another idiosyncrasy: Barça supporters celebrated it and Xeneize players did not complain; Neither side detected a lack of chivalry, but they all experienced it as a natural situation. In Norway, they felt it differently.

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