Milos Zeman

Czech President Believes Afghanistan Will Become A Terrorist Base

Czech President Milos Zeman said Tuesday that he believes Afghanistan it will become a base for terrorists under the Taliban government, while criticizing NATO for its withdrawal.

“The Taliban will create a terrorist base on Afghan territory,” the Czech leader told the Parlamentni Listy news portal.

“This will lead to a resumption of terrorist attacks in virtually the entire world,” said the 76-year-old president.

The Taliban would have no problem financing themselves because they can make a living by selling opium, “Afghanistan it is the largest opium producer in the world, “he added.

Zeman also criticized NATO for its decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.

“I already criticized the withdrawal at the NATO summit in London a year ago and during the one in Brussels” in 2021, he added.

“He looked (Donald) Trump and (Joe) Biden in the eye, to tell them he was cowardly.”

“I think that by leaving Afghanistan the Americans lost the prestige of a world leader and NATO raised doubts about the legitimacy of their existence ”.

A member of NATO since 1999, the Czech Republic kept soldiers in Afghanistan until his retirement in June of this year.

Zeman repeatedly asserted his opposition to immigration from Muslim countries, and even once compared the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to Adolf Hitler.

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