The taliban stressed this Tuesday, during their first press conference after proclaiming their victory in Afghanistan, which will not allow any “foreign fighter” to use Afghan territory to attack other countries.

Regarding “foreign fighters (…) We assure the international community that the land of Afghanistan it is not going to be used against anyone, “said the main spokesman taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, which was shown in public for the first time in decades.

“Anyone who wants to use our territory against other countries we are not going to allow it at all”, the spokesman insisted, in an intervention in which he repeated in a conciliatory tone that Afghanistan look for good relations with all countries.

These statements by Mujahid are part of the pact reached with the Taliban in February last year in Doha, in which the Taliban promised not to allow Afghan territory to be used as a sanctuary so that terrorist groups could organize attacks or attacks from there. to other foreign nations.

It was precisely one of those “foreign fighters”, Osama bin Laden, who organized from Afghan territory, and protected by the Taliban during his regime between 1996 and 2001, the 9/11 attacks in the United States, of which 20 are now being carried out. years.

These attacks led to the US invasion and the fall of the Taliban regime. But after two decades of war, and after the United States fulfilled its end of the deal in Doha and withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, the insurgents were able to resoundingly and quickly return to power, conquering the country in just a few weeks.

“After 20 years of struggle, once again we have emancipated our country and we have made it independent again. (…) This is a moment of pride for the whole nation ”, they celebrated.

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