CureVac and Novavax will begin Phase 3 in Mexico of their COVID-19 Vaccines

CureVac and Novavax will begin Phase 3 in Mexico of their COVID-19 Vaccines

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This Friday morning, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, reported on his Twitter account the progress of the negotiations for new vaccines in Mexico.

Those produced by CUREVAC (Germany) and Novavax (EU) start phase 3 in Mexico, the necessary vaccines for this will arrive next week. He also reported that CanSino (which has 15,000 volunteers in Mexico) is about to present the findings of its phase 3 started in October.

The Chancellor celebrated this Wednesday the arrival of the active substance of the COVID-19 vaccine from Oxford-AstraZeneca, from Argentina, to be packaged in Mexico.

“AztraZeneca active substance arrived as agreed by Presidents López Obrador and Alberto Fernández, a loyal friend of Mexico. Our gratitude to mAbxience laboratories in Buenos Aires. Thank you Liomont laboratory and Slim Foundation”, wrote Ebrard Casaubón in a first message.

In a second tweet, the chancellor detailed “The AztraZeneca vaccine will be produced in Latin America thanks to an agreement between mAbxcience laboratories from Argentina and Liomont from Mexico with the essential support of the Slim Foundation. The deal was announced on August 13. The final packaging and filling stage is now beginning”, he wrote.

He also thanked some Mexican officials who participated in the process to bring the active substance of the coronavirus vaccine to Mexico.

“Thanks to all the team that has made it possible to bring the AztraZeneca vaccine to Mexico: Martha Delgado, José Novelo, América Orellana, Thalia Lagunes, Horacio Duarte, Gral. Román González. Coronel Guevara, Pedro Zenteno, Carlos Ernesto Molina, Araceli Garcia, Lorena Urrea”, he explained.

Marcelo Ebrard also highlighted the role of businessman Carlos Slim and his foundation, for their economic participation in the manufacture and distribution of the vaccine.

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