A Cuban teacher who worked in a Hialeah high school was arrested yesterday and is being accused of child abuse, sexual assault and committing improper acts against three underage students.

The woman, identified as 41-year-old Jeanette Barbara Valle Tejeda, worked at Hialeah Senior High School and according to CBS Miami, would have had relationships with underage students for several years.

Similarly, the aforementioned media indicated that the investigation began after the Hialeah teacher was denounced by one of her former students, who assured the authorities that from the age of 14 to 19 she had been abused by the teacher.

According to the report, the abuse began in 2009 and continued until the student was studying at Westland Hialeah Senior High.

The complaint assures that Valle appeared before the minor’s parents as someone trustworthy, who wanted to help her daughter’s studies, so she was allowed to take her to and from school.

The student assures that she did this to gain the affection and trust of her parents, which allowed her to later be allowed to sleep at her teacher’s house, where one night she kissed her and proceeded to abuse the minor.

According to the victim, she was not the only student with whom the teacher used this tactic and later in the investigation they discovered two other minors who had suffered something similar at the hands of Valle.

The police report indicated that the youngest student was 11 years old when this occurred at Henry Filler School in 2007.

During that year the teacher abused the minor within the school grounds and had inappropriate conversations with the minor over the phone.

During the afternoon of Friday the Miami-Dade School District shared a statement regarding the matter, ensuring that the teacher was immediately removed from the position.

Miami-Dade Public Schools is deeply affected by the allegations made against this individual (Valle). As soon as the allegations emerged last month the teacher was removed from the school and Miami-Dade school police began an investigation.

The District will stop using her services and she will not be able to look for work in the school environment.

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