The singer is determined to start a family with her current fiancé and is clear that she will call her first child after her favorite city.

After four decades that have been marked, first, by her wildest stage as the life of all parties and later by her hectic schedule as a businesswoman, Paris Hilton finally feels ready to lead a “normal life” with her fiancé Carter Reum, which means stopping traveling 250 days a year.

“I am in an unbeatable moment, I have never felt happier. I am at home with my boyfriend and he is wonderful,” she said in an interview with Tatler magazine, in which she has insisted on the idea that she has already done everything. had to do and is dying to tackle the next chapter.

In your case, that includes starting your own family and, although you do not know yet when you will be encouraged to have your first child, you already know what his name will be. Hint: she lives up to what you would expect from a celebrity like her.

“It will be London, because it is our favorite city in the whole world,” he revealed.

The heiress to the Hilton hotel empire, pioneering the profitable reality TV industry with the hit space ‘The Simple Life’, recently said that she is already undergoing fertility treatment.

Specifically, the procedure that Paris wants is in vitro fertilization, which was recommended to her by none other than her good friend Kim Kardashian: all with the aim of being able to decide for herself if she wants to have twins and, more specifically, have a baby. boy and girl.

“We have been in full in vitro fertilization treatment for a few days now, it is the only way I can have twins if I want to. I would like to have a boy and a girl,” explained the celebrity as he passed through the podcast ‘The Trend Reporter’. before expressing his gratitude to the also television star for having opened the doors of a world full of possibilities.


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