José Williams’ board of directors is challenged by purchases and appointments.

A new scandal targets the Congress of the Republic that, according to the latest IPSOS surveys and Institute of Peruvian Studies , has a 90% disapproval rating nationwide. To the millionaire expenditure on buffets, tickets and mobile phones, is now added that this state entity has become a job bank for civil servants who earn high salaries.

According to the Panorama program, the board of directors headed by Jose Williams decided to create on December 16 the “Additional trusted personal module of the parliamentary organization” which would serve the parliamentarians of the various benches to hire more workers without defined limit and until the end of the current administration in the Legislative.

After this agreement, until February of this year, there are already 45 people hired who have salaries between S/ 4,000 and S/ 10,000, in addition, each worker receives a designation of 2,000 soles as a snack concept and another 2,500 for a union bonus.

For this list of workers, the expenditure would be $542,922. There are six months left in the management of Williams Zapata, so the payroll would amount to S/ 3,257.532.

The management of José Williams adds a new scandal.
The management of José Williams adds a new scandal.

It should be recalled that the ungrouped legislator Carlos Anderson had warned against the number of personnel working in the Congress of the Republic.

“Let’s not forget that the Congress has a budget of more or less S/73 million per month, more than S/800 million soles per year. They have a working population of 4 thousand. I think if we call everyone to find out who’s who, we’ll find a lot of ghosts. There has always been a somewhat obscure treatment of the subject of Congress,” he said in a dialogue with RPP Noticias.

In this sense, Anderson felt that parliamentarians should receive more detailed information on appointments and decisions taken at the administrative level to avoid Legislative to be harshly interrogated.

Anderson considered that “everyone Peruvian state It’s full of dark business where logisticians are key, all processes are rigged. The urgency is declared to be able to bid directly. “These are traumas that have been repeated at all levels of the state, including the Congress“, he finished.


He Public minister has already requested information in case of sideboards to find out if there is an illegal act in contracting out this service paid for with the money of all Peruvians. Moreover, the interrogations have already led to the resignation of Jose Cevasco as a congressional official.

All this network of interrogations started from a Sunday report Cuarto Poder. Space reported that on December 12 of last year, an addendum was signed that amended the contract signed by Congress in February 2022 for the concessionaire of dining rooms and attention to official and protocol events.

In this way, parliamentarians could consume up to 190 soles for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a single day in plenary session. And if the 130 delegates are grouped together, the sum would rise to 25,000 soles.

However, the daily Trade later revealed that during efforts to Lady Camones (former president), of the Alliance for Progress (APP)there José Williams (current owner), of Avanza País, Congress has shelled out more than 414,000 soles for the 32-trip concept for lawmakers from different benches.

José Cevasco resigned after complaints of purchases from the Legislature
José Cevasco resigned after complaints of purchases from the Legislature

The same publication also clarified that the Parliament signed a one-year contract for the purchase of 68 international air tickets for S/312,819.41. The agreement entered into force on December 20, 2022. The agreement was concluded with the company Cuarzo Travel SRLtda which will provide tickets to “fathers of the country” who will travel to countries like France, Russia, Belgium, Mexico, United States, among others.

On the other hand, the daily The Republic reported that a total of 92 members of Congress requested an iPhone-branded cell phone at the start of their term, the same one which was paid for with state money at a cost of S/1,547,391.00. The beneficiaries are parliamentarians from Fuerza Popular, Perú Libre, Renovación Popular, Avanza País, Acción Popular, APP, Bloque Magisterial, Perú Bicentenario, Cambio Democrático, Podemos Peru, Somos Perú, Perú Democrático and some ungrouped members.

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