Video |  Illegal party intervenes in Chapinero that took place in an establishment inside a parking lot

Video | Illegal party intervenes in Chapinero that took place in an establishment inside a parking lot

In another clandestine party in Chapinero they found 28 people

In the most clandestine way possible, 28 people were found who were at an illegal party in the Chapinero Centro sector, in the north of Bogotá, and that they were in breach of the curfew that has been in force in the Colombian capital since last Tuesday.

People were given the respective subpoenas for failing to comply with the restriction that seeks to reduce the contagion of the new coronavirus in the city that have claimed the lives of 15,061 people.

“In an inspection, surveillance and control operation, we intervened an illegal party in the Chapinero Centro sector. The establishment was closed and 28 subpoenas were imposed. Let’s not promote these activities, let’s avoid generating further contagions! ”, They pointed out on the Twitter of the mayor’s office of that town.

On the Caracol Radio station they reported that the Police found the illegal rumba, after they observed several people making rounds at the place where the party was taking place. When they were searched, they found communication radios, so they were people who made up the establishment’s security scheme.

Later, with officials from the mayor’s office of that town, They entered the establishment and found the people who were at the party.

In the video they published on the Twitter account of the Chapinero mayor’s office It is evident that in order to access the place, you had to walk through the parking lot and walk through corridors that, apparently, were soundproof so as not to draw attention to the noise.

“These people received the respective summons and the establishment was temporarily suspended for 10 days, which is determined in the procedure. HWe make a call to the community to please take into account that we are in a very difficult and critical moment in the city where every day infections are increasing “reported Colonel Álvaro Correa, Inspection Officer of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police.

In the city there are 747,861 confirmed cases of covid-19 and the Intensive Care Units have exceeded 80 percent occupancy.

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