Venezuela reports soldiers killed in combats on the Colombian border

Venezuela reports soldiers killed in combats on the Colombian border

This in the framework of “Bolivarian Shield 2021”, an operation that was reported for the first time on March 21. As indicated in a statement, the clashes took place in unpopulated areas west of La Victoria, in the Páez municipality of Apure state, located on the border with Colombia.

Without mentioning figures or specific details, the official note speaks of a “significant number of casualties” among the groups. Also captured who are providing “valuable information” for future actions. The statement said that some soldiers died in the fighting, without specifying the exact number, which they are identifying while others were injured and receive medical attention.

The statement ends by stating that operations of this type will continue and even “intensify” that “allow the neutralization of any stronghold of these criminals” until their “total expulsion and final defeat.”

The situation on the border between Venezuela and Colombia

On April 5, the Ministry of Defense reported that since the operations began, the death of eight military personnel and nine “terrorists” has been recorded. These casualties are in addition to the deaths in the last 72 hours, the number of which is unknown.

While the government of the questioned President Nicolás Maduro blames the Colombian government for the violence, Bogotá said on Monday that they have no pronouncement for the moment on this statement from Venezuela. Although, on other occasions he has rejected the accusations. On more than one occasion, the government of Colombian President Iván Duque has accused senior Venezuelan officials of having links with the FARC dissidents, something they deny.

The situation in Apure was also denounced on Monday by the Human Rights Watch organization.

“The atrocities committed against Apure residents are not isolated incidents by insubordinate agents, but are consistent with systematic abuses by Maduro’s security forces,” said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch.

Figures from Colombia Migration published on April 16 estimate that more than 5,800 people have fled Venezuela to the neighboring country and settled in the department of Arauca.

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