Three policemen were killed and the wife of one of them wounded in a shooting of armed men when they were in a recreation area in the municipality of Pailitas, in the department of Cesar, in the north from Colombia.

The events occurred after seven o’clock this Saturday night, when “heavily armed individuals arrived on a motorcycle” at a leisure establishment and “fired indiscriminately,” according to the Commander in charge of the Cesar Police, Colonel Manuel Carvajal.

The shooting “caused the death of three policemen who were resting at the time,” said the colonel, who reported that the injured woman was 36 weeks pregnant, who was immediately taken to the hospital.

The policemen were between 30 and 38 years old and worked in the local police station in Pailitas, an area where the ELN guerrillas have a presence, according to Carvajal.

The Government offers a reward of up to 100 million pesos to those who provide information to find the authorship and whereabouts of the murderers.

“A special criminal investigation team is working to capture those responsible for the atrocious murder of patrolmen Jader Martínez, Hernando Mercado and Leonardo Badillo in Pailitas, Cesar,” Defense Minister Diego Molano said on Sunday.

In that area, in addition to the presence of the ELN indicated by the Police, there is also influence from the Popular Liberation Army (EPL), another rival guerrilla, according to information from the Ombudsman’s Office.


It is the second blow that the police force receives this weekend, after this Saturday the Police confirmed the murder of another of its patrols in the rural area of ​​Cali, in the southwest of the country, in a “deliberate act, vile and cowardly. “

This assassination occurred around noon on Saturday in the La Vorágine district, which belongs to Cali, when the agent, a member of the National Model for Community Surveillance, carried out surveillance and control tasks and was attacked with a firearm.

The police did not give more details about what happened to this 30-year-old agent, but they again offered a reward to find the culprits.

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