This May 17, General Juan Carlos Rodríguez Acosta, commander of the Police in the capital of Valle del Cauca, resigned in the midst of the tough crisis in the capital of Valle del Cauca.

For now the reasons for his resignation are not known, but it is expected that the authorities will soon decide to know who will be in charge. General Acosta arrived in Cali in January 2021, previously he was in charge of the Police Counterintelligence Directorate.

According to Semana, the general had denounced that he was receiving threats through social networks. They also assured that within the institution the uniformed man reported that he would withdraw from the Police for personal reasons.

According to local media, the news of the officer’s departure was confirmed by the Security Secretariat of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

On May 10, General Rodríguez published a statement rejecting accusations made against him, which went viral on social media.

False and irresponsible accusations of homicide and massacres are part of a misinformation strategy on social networks that not only seeks to defame my good name and my work as a Colombian police officer, but also to destabilize the institutions, instill fear and manipulate society regardless of the consequence that it may entail.

“With a 32-year career in the National Police, since 1989 when I entered the General Santander Cadet School, I have not been the subject of any criminal record, ongoing judicial process or conviction for crimes against humanity and homicide”, argued in the document.

The police in Cali have been under severe questioning by the public opinion due to reports of abuses and excessive use of force against peaceful protesters.

On May 13, it was learned that the Attorney General’s Office charged the patrolman with aggravated homicide charges. Luis Ángel Piedrahita Hernández, who shot 17-year-old Marcelo Agredo on April 28.

The event went viral on social networks, as the shot was recorded in several videos. In the images you can see how Agredo kicks the agent who was on a motorcycle, he took out his gun and shot him several times.

The Prosecutor’s Office published a statement in which it announced the prosecution of the uniformed man. The investigating body has only intervened and investigated four of the 42 deaths that have occurred during the national strike.

“According to the investigation and evidence collected, the uniformed man apparently fired his crew weapon against a 17-year-old teenager after he allegedly kicked him. Due to the severity of the injury, the young man died “, you can read in the text.

The Prosecutor’s Office reconstructed the event in the text as follows:

In that place, some acts of alteration of public order were being recorded in the framework of the national strike of April 28. And, once in that place, while sitting on the motorcycle assigned for the service, he receives a kick from the adolescent, before which Luis Ángel Piedrahita Hernández shoots him with his firearm on two occasions.

According to the prosecutor, “The victim flees from the Piedrahita police officer crossing Calle 39A, gains the platform and continues to run, turning his back on Luis Ángel Piedrahita Hernández, who, taking advantage of his superiority and the situation of inferiority (of the victim), gets off the motorcycle and, standing stand up, aim at the line and shoot against the adolescent’s humanity, hitting him in the occipital region (head) and killing him”.

The investigating body will use as evidence two bullets that were extracted from the body of Marcelo Agredo and the videos that show the fact.

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