After the events that occurred in Americas portal of Bogotá and the blockade on the road that leads from Buenaventura to Cali, the latter with the fatal toll of a dead newborn, the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, spoke from his Twitter account.

Regarding the sad event that shook the country, the official declared that “it seems that there are deaths that do not matter”.

In his words: “No one assumes responsibility for this new death in a new attack on the #MisiónMédica in Colombia? It seems that there are deaths that do not matter.”

Ruiz alluded to the Twitter accounts of Human Rights Watch, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Pan American Health Organization and the UN representative for human rights Michelle bachelet, groups and civil servant who hold a critical position regarding the government’s handling of the crisis that lasted 26 days.

Twitter Minister of Health pronouncing on the death of a newborn due to blockades in western Colombia

Subsequently, the minister issued a second statement, this time referring to the vandalism suffered by ambulances in the vicinity of the Americas portal during the clashes on Saturday and early Sunday in Bogotá.

This time, Ruiz cited the pronouncement of the Secretary of Government from the capital, Luis Ernesto Gómez, who shared a video of the vandalism attack that he accompanied with this text:

For lies spread from some political sectors, stating that ambulances transported wounded to the Americas Portal or who were carrying weapons, were attacked last night 16 that only rescued wounded civilians and uniformed men. Where do you intend to go with this madness?

Tweet Bogotá Government Secretary in which he condemned vandalism against medical missions and ambulances on the Americas portal

The message of Gómez alluded to the councilor of Bogotá for the Patriotic Union party, Heidy Sánchez, who reported a alleged police abuse during the riots on Saturday night.

The councilor wrote during Saturday night that: “I receive information that the ambulances are delivering the injured to the facilities of the Americas portal to the Police, to the PMU of Luis Ernesto Gómez”, A message that provoked the rejection of Gómez, as well as that of the Bogotá mayor’s office, who pointed out that what Sánchez motivated to ignite the spirits of protesters located in said portal.

Twitter Councilor Heidy Sánchez in which he indicated that the ambulances delivered injured people on the Americas portal in Bogotá

In support of the pronouncement of the Secretary of Government, the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, expressed his annoyance against the attack on the ambulances and indicated that the right to protest no “can include these actions”, adding to the voices that rejected the vandalism in Bogotá during the night of Saturday, May 22.

Tweet MinSalud against vandalism medical missions in Bogotá

National Strike in the Americas Portal, May 21, 2021 (Colprensa-Sergio Acero)

The clashes between Protesters and Esmad completed an uninterrupted week in that area of ​​the town of Kennedy, west of the capital.

Although the District implemented a Open and Unified Command Post To manage the dialogue with the different actors of the protest, the balance is in red: Demonstrations, roadblocks, vandalism, do not stop in the west of the capital.

The events of Saturday, May 22, in which different sources reported figures that differed in terms of victims of the crashes, anxiety increased in the city as the night wore on without the District issuing an official communication to defuse tensions.

In addition to the above, andhe vandalism attack on hospital missions, which transported civilian wounded to medical care centers, gave the impression that the area, rather than a point of social protest, had been transformed into a battlefield.

The Secretary of Government of the capital published a clip of an attack against ambulances during demonstrations on the Americas portal

The official number of ambulances attacked reached 16; while the Secretary of Government of Bogotá indicated that they were only 2 police officers and 2 civilians injured, as well as a municipal official hit by a blunt object.

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