Colombia registers 63 deaths and 1,806 new coronavirus infections

Colombia registers 63 deaths and 1,806 new coronavirus infections

The health authorities of Colombia reported this Saturday another 63 deaths due to coronavirus and 1,806 new infections that bring fatalities to 125,592 and to 4,928,578 the number of people who have contracted the disease.

The information added that the number of active cases fell to 21,853, while that of recovered rose to 4,765,975.

Regarding deaths, of which 53 were from previous days, the highest numbers were in Antioquia (11), Norte de Santander (9), Cauca and Atlántico (5) and Valle del Cauca (4).

Regarding infections, Bogotá reported 623, followed by Antioquia (349), Atlántico (257), Valle del Cauca (177), Nariño (37); North of Santander and Santander (35).

Bogotá continues as the main focus of the pandemic, accounting for 1,445,705 cases, followed by Antioquia (739,772), Valle del Cauca (403,890), Atlántico (316,010), Cundinamarca (262,813) and Santander (224,584).

On the other hand, 199,049 people were vaccinated today, of which 93,731 received second doses and 2,656 of the single-dose formula from the pharmaceutical company Janssen.

With this, 37,034,145 doses have already been applied and there are already 15,572,631 citizens who have received their complete vaccination scheme against covid-19.

Today 41,679 diagnostic samples were processed, 24,064 of them PCR and 17,615 antigens, for a total of 24.69 million tests performed


On the other hand, the Ministry of Health said today that Colombia shows a decrease in the number of infections by covid-19; but even so, it has all the conditions given to present a new increase in cases and an eventual fourth peak.

The biggest concern is about the circulation of the highly contagious delta variant, which continues to grow in the country, so the health authorities said that apart from vaccination, the search for infected should continue through the strategy called PRASS – Tests, Tracking and Sustainable Selective Isolation-.

“The vaccines have a spectacular effect. They have a proportion of 70 or 80 percent of minimizing the risk, but if biosafety measures are not taken care of, there is the possibility that a part of the population close to 20% may have the disease”, said the Vice Minister of Health, Luis Alexander Moscoso.

He reiterated the importance of all sectors maintaining security protocols and invited to recall that “reactivation does not mean eliminating measures.”

He explained that the risk due to the delta variant does not mean that meetings or events cannot be held or that the economy will stop revitalizing, but it does mean that the country must do so in a responsible and safe way.

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