Authorities report firearm attack on two civilians in Soledad, Atlántico

Authorities report firearm attack on two civilians in Soledad, Atlántico

Hours after a grenade attack was reported in Soledad, a municipality located in the northeast of the department of Atlántico, the authorities registered another violent act, this time with a firearm. On the afternoon of this Thursday, February 18, a policeman and two civilians, who are allegedly collectors, they were injured by an unidentified person who was mobilizing on foot.

“An event was presented near the Success of the Metropolitan where some people, who apparently are collectors, while waiting for the traffic light change, they are approached by another person who was on foot and he undertakes an attack with a firearm, which left them injured, “said Colonel Jhon Sepúlveda, Operational Commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police (Mebar).

The police officer who was close to the scene of the incident reacted immediately and there was an armed confrontation. It was in the middle of the bullet crossing that the uniformed man was wounded.

“A policeman of ours tried to react at the scene of the events and was hit by that subject, which left him with an arm injury,” explained Colonel Sepúlveda.

The latest report from the authorities indicates that, the three injured were transferred to a health center where they are being cared for. Until now, neither the uniformed nor the civilians have serious injuries, so they are out of danger. As for the person responsible for the attack, there is still no clue.

The Mebar assures that it is already carrying out the pertinent investigations to clarify the fact. The hypotheses that are handled now are two: an attempted robbery or a hit man attack.

Three people were injured on Wednesday, February 17, after the explosion of an artifact was recorded in the Cachimbero neighborhood, in Soledad. According to the first versions of the Mebar, the incident occurred when two men who were mobilizing on a motorcycle threw the device, which is presumed to be a fragmentation grenade, on the edge of a house located in the Calle 13A with Carrera 22B.

In the Cachimbero neighborhood of the municipality of Soledad in the last hours they launch an explosive device, because it was against a house it caused damage to the platform, there are three people who are with splinters on their body, the commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, General Diego Hernán Rosero Giraldo, told NotiCentro1 CM &.

According to the authorities, those affected by the detonation were identified as Mirian Ferrer Domínguez, Wilfrido Miranda Jiménez and Arnaldo Monsalvo Porras, who were injured with splinters to the lower limbs of their bodies. Regarding material damage, the Barranquilla Police indicated that only broken windows, weakened bars and holes in the walls had been registered in the place where the events occurred.

We want to know if the splinters are from the pavement or could also correspond to a grenade, so it is not yet possible to determine what type of artifact it is.”General Rosero pointed out.

Regarding the reasons that prompted the events, the commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police said that the case could be attributed to local drug trafficking in the area, by ensuring that hallucinogenic substances had been found in the middle of a police raid on the scene.

Less than 24 hours ago, the police made two raids on that street where a person was captured. There, 800 doses of marijuana were seized and also a package with just over a kilo of the same substanceGeneral Rosero detailed.

The high official also said that the authorities are already carrying out the investigation, and assured that thanks to the testimonies collected they would already have certainty who were the people who perpetrated the attack, therefore “are on their trail to capture them”.

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